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About Paper Ink Love

About Melissa

I am a graphic designer, and a doodler. I love paper. Not like, or even like-like, but love. I'm an only child. I have been known to name wild animals. My favorite color is an ugly green. It's possible I like owning books more than reading them. Red nail polish is my secret weapon. I use way too many sideways smiley faces when I type :) I'm a confident introvert, which gets confusing. I like to travel, and be outside, but only when nature is calm, and accommodating, and people are quiet, and nothing is sticky. I like to play games, and solve puzzles, and learn new skills. My fear of insects is pretty ridiculous.

Paper Ink Love is the space where I bring design and print to life. I've been involved in the graphic design, print, and wedding industries, in some way, since the late 90's. I've helped thousands of couples get the wedding stationery of their dreams, and thousands more local and national clients get the design and print work they needed to be successful. I'm happy to do it, and grateful for the opportunity, so if there's something you think we can work on together, please feel free to reach out! I appreciate your interest, and welcome your inquiry!


Melissa is amazing! This is the second purchase we’ve made from her. She is very easy to communicate with and can accommodate requests.

- Christina



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