Welcome to Paper Ink Love

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Melissa and it's nice to meet you :)

My career in graphic design, and specifically in the wedding industry, started early as I pursued jobs in the field while still in high school. Those early days helped instill a deep love of thick cardstocks and beautiful prints!

As things often go for creative types, eventually I took a corporate job for the money, while keeping my design job on the side, and what you are seeing here is the “equal and opposite reaction” to sitting in an office with no windows for a couple of years :)

I knew I’d regret never venturing out on my own, so I started working for myself as a freelance graphic designer and as a more traditional artist - selling my drawings and paintings online, as well as street fairs and galleries. This experience lead me right back to printing (where I belong) and Paper Ink Love was created in January of 2012.

This is where my heart lies and I am responsible for all facets of this business. I’m happy here and I can’t wait to share it with you!